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 ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker

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ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker Empty
PostSubject: ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker   ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 19, 2013 8:05 pm

we play 3 games, 3 today

i like play with this guy especially if he play Egyptians because i need pratice my thor

2-1 (he won)

Vs (sK#joker) 1 game and won

PD: we played a game more but I resigned at 4 minutes because I remove my ulfsark without wanting

ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker AttachmentGames (VS)
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ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker Empty
PostSubject: Re: ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker   ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 20, 2013 6:24 am

lol warrior you played the games with me sKtarek not with joker Wink) its still 3:1 or 2:1 the game you posted was vs jokker the gaems of yesterday was vs me TAREK Smile)
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ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker Empty
PostSubject: Warrior asked for critique   ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 20, 2013 1:55 pm

Me VS sK#Joker

- Always take one hunter to the opposite side of the small animal you want to kill. When the animal gets hit with the first arrow it starts running in the direction you want him to go.

- You need to follow Thor basic BO: 7f-5w-5g

- In classic make only 2 more dwarves for gold then start sending dwarves to food. This will increase your food income and allow you to make villagers sooner instead of dwarves for food.

- Thor doesn't need more than 7-8 on gold in classic while you advance to heroic you need 13 dwarves (unless you FH or Semi-FH then you only need 9-10).

- The only people on food while u advance to heroic should be your farmers. You hunters should be moved to wood so you can have enough wood to build 2 TCs quickly in heroic.

- Do not forget to check on your villagers on wood to see if they need to be moved to a new forest when they run out of trees.

- Do not forget to check on your dwarves gathering gold and make sure their oxcart is properly placed at their back if needed get a 2nd oxcart for them.

Partida grabada 4

- Do not build a temple next to his base when playing vs Set. The chances are good that he will find you and kill your ulf. Like he did here.

Partida grabada 5

- When you play against eggys (especially Isis) you need to create 2 ulfs to scout for you. To knock down obelisks and steal their goats etc.

- Walls, walls. Joker is not that good but other good eggies will raid u with chariots as soon as they get to heroic.

- Again dont advance with 14f-8w-13g. Advance to heroic with 8f-14w-13g to get 2 tcs right away.

- DO NOT SCOUT WITH DWARVES. Secure your next gold mine. Do not move your dwarves there unless you know its safe and have some longhouses around.

- Protect your trade route with walls.

- Use Fimbul Winter fast to cripple his economy not to block ancestors.

- If you are going to use Flaming weapons so late , make sure your army is at full POP before you do or it will be a waste.

- Again do not mover your gold dwarves to a gold mine unless you kknow its safe. You are lucky your 2nd gold mine didnt have a Migdol there already. But your 3rd one did.

- Do not attack when you are gold starved. Wait for gold from trade so you can keep up with military production. If you attack when low on gold, then ur amy dies and doesn't get reinforcements.

- Build longhouses and Hillforts to protect TCs in the late game, you win when you take down ur opponent's TCs. You didn't even have a wall infront of you TC to protect it and didn't notice him destroy it for a long time lol.

- Again protect your trade too with walls and maybe some towers and hillforts.

Partida grabada 6

- Again too many dwarves on gold. This time you had 14 in classic. This unbalances your eco big time.

- Again use fimbul winter to cripple economy as soon as you get it.

- More longhouses and a mix of Jarls and Ta would've been able to stop him from destroying your 3rd TC.
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ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker Empty
PostSubject: Re: ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker   ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 20, 2013 3:52 pm

actually,13 dwarves on gold while upping to heroic is too much. 10 is just fine. During classical, of course you will be sending vills/dwarves to the various resources depending on who you're against, the map, how much hunt, etc, but the only rule of thumb i have for my eco is getting 10 dwarves on gold when i go heroic.
Tbh 13 is a stupid number.... as loki u want like 15~/+ to spam jarls and bb's, and as odin, if you're planning on and will be able to spam jarls you want more, but 13 is a dumb number and u might as well put the dwarves on wood or food (since thor dwarves gather basically as fast as a normal vill).

Also, doing a 7-5-5 build vs eggy isn't always the best option. You need to scout the map well and read the map so you can advance earlier (7-4-4) to push the isis or set player off of hunt, wall important locations, etc.
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ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker Empty
PostSubject: Re: ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker   ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker I_icon_minitime

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ScReAm_WaRRiOr (V.S) [sK#]Tarek and Joker
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