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 ScReAm_WaRRiOr [vs] HailToThePanther

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PostSubject: ScReAm_WaRRiOr [vs] HailToThePanther   ScReAm_WaRRiOr [vs] HailToThePanther I_icon_minitimeSun May 26, 2013 3:34 pm

really is a good game for me, I was random and was god poseidon, I play isis, isis is good when there is food, but in this game only three animals hunting because he stole my food, however I improvize in my economy and I could take the game forward to advance to the classical age,I did good micro at this age but to advance to the heroic I didnt make micro (I got distracted) but still, I win strongly

GG panther

P.S: DesP_RA see the Rec Twisted Evil
P.S 2: he also has won me sometimes
ScReAm_WaRRiOr [vs] HailToThePanther
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ScReAm_WaRRiOr [vs] HailToThePanther
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