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 Clan's History

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PostSubject: Clan's History   Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:39 pm

Well, now i'll tell you how it all begun for our Clan...

Everything started when ESO server became shit, so, my brother and i started to search another way to play online, and few hours later, we found GameRanger.
there where lotta clans in GameRanger, (and tons of noobs too ._.) and for then i had already meet with knaaaaan, and old friend from the ESO.
I have always felt like a leader, so, instead of joining any existant clan, i decided to create a clan of our very own...(with knaaaan of course)
I wanted to name the clan [E.S.O], but, at the end, we decided with knaaaan that it would be ScReAm.
and that's how we started! the clans keeps growing and growing, most of our members were good players from the ESO, and they have joined us, because we have grown, we are awesome beside you all!

Regards, alex.

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Clan's History
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