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 1v1 with SPleon friend

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PostSubject: 1v1 with SPleon friend   Wed May 20, 2015 9:05 pm

A x1 game with SPleon so.. in oasis Thor v Poseidon. I was try to push him in his base but he did breakdown my attacks on him and killed most of my soldiers, i think before i needed makes raiding cavalry's but i did makes them too late. So he try to attack my army again in my side and he losted coz of i was haved more soldiers than him and two valkyrie goes attacking toxotes's on back and he losted his all army too in there, after he do heroic but when a greek player losted army hard to turned back and improve. Anyway i was know he cant makes me push i did booming goes Mythic for attacking him with FW.

Click Here For Rec Game

Have Fun.
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1v1 with SPleon friend
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