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 Two Games / Very Good Players and Play

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PostSubject: Two Games / Very Good Players and Play   Sat Mar 23, 2013 7:28 pm

Both games were lost by my team lol, but we did really good! (have to say, C0bra was their Saviour)
Even Though, we could have won, the games were really though for both teams.
C0bra Fucking broke every limit i could imagine, Good job man.

Game # 1 :
(ScReAm) WaRRiOr-Jikin-Python (Sk1oa) Butterfly [V.S] (HailToThe)Stig-C0bra-Gods and Xiamme

Game # 2:
(ScReAm) WaRRiOr-Jikin-Xiamme [V.S] (HailToThe)C0bra-Gods And 1St Of October

Description game # 1:

Really hard game, i did an epic FM and turned C0bra based to shit, so you know, we got a serious advantage while he was K.O, but soon enough, he recovered with an outstanding performance, and smashed Butterfly base back.
meanwhile, we were having some spicy contient with Xiamme and Stigmata, but finally lost when butterfly got ass-whomped.

Description game # 2:

This game seemed easier for me, i raided October and beaten him easily, but that C0bra!!!! he saved him and therefore, he got time for improving his eco (lol 131 villagers) and could manage to stop my army for a while.
i was about to win, but C0bra and Gods finally managed to crack the center of the map and obviously, we started to lose territory and tcs (two). that made the difference.
goods games .zip
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Two Games / Very Good Players and Play
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