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 Fi3ra(Loco) and me vs FloThAom and THUG_Calevine (wut?)

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PostSubject: Fi3ra(Loco) and me vs FloThAom and THUG_Calevine (wut?)   Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:59 pm

Loco got rid of THUG really fast, and i got the two tcs in Flo area, so he was trapped.

he couldnt get rid of me, so i just hanged and improved my eco meanwhile he struggled to find gold.

He also lost plenty of villies when he tried to get a tc too close from my base
loco helped with hersirs and that was the reason of why i won the area. he tried to do ancestors but it didnt worked really good against fi3ra's heroes. and eventually we won. Very Happy

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Fi3ra(Loco) and me vs FloThAom and THUG_Calevine (wut?)
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