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 Everything you need to play AoM

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Everything you need to play AoM Empty
PostSubject: Everything you need to play AoM   Everything you need to play AoM I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2013 2:44 am

I want to share this with anyone who observes play AoM


Well you and come a considerable time playing AoM and I bring in a nutshell what the game and learned more complex strategy and tactical and played in this huge market of RTS.

(Several of these concepts will assist other games.)

Types to be a good player in Age of Mythology (also fits ANY RTS):

Basic tips:

1. Never stop making villagers and always tries to reach the maximum limit of 80 and try to add Fishery / caravans.

2. Always keep all your villagers working, non-working peasant, villager clogging.

3. Try to keep your resources to 0, banking resources are useless resources, seeks to give everything to win and only save if you improve something specific, do not keep unused recusos unreasonably.

4. Explore your enemy, their economic points, important buildings, also his army, to create an army to counter that of the.

5. If you lost a battle for the cons of your enemy, do not push with the same, change the units of the counter.

6. Avoid fighting with enemy soldiers, evadelos if possible, always try to damage their economic points or weaknesses, fight only if you are sure that you will win or if you have to defend your economy. TAKE CARE OF YOUR UNIT!

7. Soldier does not fight ... soldier who serves also as the villagers, the idea is to always be looking for the win, of course, taking care of point 5, only an army checkpoint if you have no other option offense or defend yourself is a high priority and if a victory very safe.

8. It is best to keep improving the units that the armory is a little cheaper, but whenever you have the extra resources to improve the armory, do it!

9. Try never block you by population, keep enough space ready for the units that are going to create. (Houses, tcs, etc.)

10. Try learning the keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) and apply them properly in the game.

11. Do not talk in game but you need it.

12. Give maximum mouse speed in options, so you can get more done in less time and with less movement.

13. If you see that something is not working ... try another way, "do not hit the same wall two times."

Arrow 1: Explore the map.

Depending on your civilization, exploring the map is vital, the priority is to find collection points to continue to attack enemies, watch out for the gold mines and urban centers.

Browse also used to find points of contention where you battle in your favor depending on the nature of the ground and as manipulate (walls and towers).

-> As Greek is quite easy for the horse and then initial access to economic pegasi.

-> How to draw 2 ulfsarks Norse is always a good option, one as a builder and the other as a scout, remember loved both functions can accelerate the time to prioritize.

-> As is well managed Atty your oracles initial positions, as atty rushear often use them as heroes oracles to start pressing, sometimes the map is very poorly explored, it is good to use a pair of Tumas in II Age and clear the whole map.

-> As Eggyp is maybe the most complicated, but generally the eggyp not offensive and focuses on growing more rapidly than affect the enemy, build obelisks with your priest about resource potential enemies, do not do it very close, just as enough to be aware and not be obvious ... Sivén obelisks as your alarm in case of a possible attack.

Arrow 2: raiding and control the map offensively (Macro-offensive).

"Raiding" is going to affect the economy enemy, killing or disturbing the villagers / caravans / fishing.

RECALLING: Villager = Action = Army = Victoria.

Affecting the basis of that chain can give the balance in your favor for your victory.

It does not necessarily have to kill a villager for raiding, but attempts to slay them whenever you can, but do not waste more units that are going to kill villagers, with no leave quietly collect and make lasting enemies villagers collecting more walking than enough.

For raiding units try to be fast, so if you have to flee a battle quickly and Non peder inecesaria units.

The above idea, the exploration is mainly for raiding, attacks GOLD priority, followed by wood and finally the food.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image]

RECALLING: All military units in AoM cost GOLD, GOLD afectaras affected if all creation of his army.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image]

The idea is to block the gold and do not let the opponent take a position at another mine in AoM no other method to collect more gold mine or a trade to either need to master key points on the map which are very vulnerable to raiding.

Constantly reviews mines that can take the enemy to stop collection.

Arrow 3: Manage your economy (macro-economic).

I repeat:

Always keep all your villagers working, not working villager, villager clogging, never stop to create villagers to reach the limit of 80 fish totaling caravans or economic improvements and updates as soon as possible, they are paid quickly and give you many extra resources.


-> If there is extra food and wood, gold improves, if you spare wood and gold, better food, if there is extra food and gold wooden improvement.

-> Do not mess with the roles of your villagers simply sends you think you need to use missing / need and subtraction villagers to use on you / not need.

-> Try to collect at various points on the map, in case of raiding, do not affect all of your villagers, but a small batch.

-> Make sure that your villagers do not run much to deposit their resources, build the collection points as close as you can, as you have a small advantage Nordic, about your Ox as you need (especially in the wood, as it deforesting is a forest). ((As atty have no problem here))

-> Spend all you have and just save for something in mind. (Pass old, improvements, etc..)

-> Try to have an income "the favor of the gods" the peculiar appeal of AoM units to access mythical and powerful improvements ... this resource in itself is almost free, but is slow to get and is very limited.

-> Never stop in 100 the favor of the gods, spend it all so that you have a steady income, to have 100 you will not get any benefit from this powerful resource.

Arrow 4: Construct buildings (Macro-defense)

Build buildings ALWAYS need at key points where you need to defend yourself and where you can quickly replace units that are falling in battle, as you take areas on the map (TCs, points of contention or gold mines), secure with buildings but not waste resources inoficiosos buildings, towers and forts built only where someone can always shoot high cost and its worth.

Build whenever you can and even more if you wood is plentiful, but beware ... do not waste.

For walls, it's best to build on small points where units do not pass easily (through forests and mountains) in the open field, build faster, cheaper and will be easier to defend a point that a great wall.

Arrow 5: Fighting battles, win wars, units against units, myth units and Micro.

-> Fighting battles: Only fight the battles you can win, you can never be a suicide, always tries to damage the weakest points of the enemy's defense and in particular, destroys their economic and dominalos points.

-> Earn wars: There are moments that are intense resistance constant wars to win a very crucial point in the map or for a final attack, for these situations siege units and rapid destruction of buildings will be vital to take care of them much your army and quickly replace your units falls from buildings nearby, do not neglect your economy recalls that in these wars who earns more resist, PROCUREMENT UNITS ALWAYS USE AGAINST.

-> Units: All units have a special caracteriztica, this is welcome in AoM, takes this feature and have all your units are worth more than others by your management rather than by its power. (Example: Axe Thrower Nordic distance with sharp attacks can destroy siege weapons without getting all unlike AoM units)

FACT: First try to have a considerable army and then improve it, do not waste resources on improvements when no one is positively affected.

-> Anti Units: Always used against your enemy, and stressed several times, but the idea is always to win battles Taking as few casualties as possible in your army, watch the following table:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image]

Also note that the heroes will win the U or mythical mythical and human soldiers in general.

-> Mythical units: Use them whenever possible, are the most powerful units in the game and are very destabilizing, always cover with human units to heroes kill your enemies and keep fighting mythical soldiers or other mythical to give advantage to your battle ... note the feature mythical unity, the Valkyries are horses and use them as a unit of cavalry, a centaur as an archer and a giant like a battering ram.

-> Micro: Well, and here we summarize the above in battles fast mouse movements, where you always attack your units against where horses attack the archers and use their speed to get where archers attack where your infantry and mythical units do the most damage, here is pure hablidad small hands and smart moves you gain with experience.

Arrow 6: Avanses old, improvements and benefits of mythical gods.

One of the most charming features of AoM is its advance in age, where you choose a specific god give you a power, a mythical unit and improvements to enhance certain things.

Take advantage of these advances to always get the most out of your strategy, if you go infantry, when old passes you god chooses to benefit the infantry, where you can properly use the power and unity is accessibly depending mitica your economic management.


Choose correctly and explotalo always god to create maximum advantage over the opponent.

The powers use them but recalls that can only be used one time and power is best used to leave prematurely recorded at the end of the game without having taken advantage ... remember that these powers can boost your army, economy and in the last instance, destroy a whole city and win a game, of course ... if you use it correctly.

Without being more, having good games, review their recordings and correct their mistakes, practice makes perfect.

and most importantly:

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Everything you need to play AoM
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