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 any kind of tips appreciated here as well

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any kind of tips appreciated here as well Empty
PostSubject: any kind of tips appreciated here as well   any kind of tips appreciated here as well I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 01, 2013 8:40 pm

AoM Sunday Semifinals game2

map favoured me in this1 in terms of TCs, gold, i think he chose the wrong forest

he raped me quite quick in the 1st game.
for those who want some Pos-Loki wins:
any kind of tips appreciated here as well
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any kind of tips appreciated here as well Empty
PostSubject: Re: any kind of tips appreciated here as well   any kind of tips appreciated here as well I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 05, 2013 4:45 pm

anatolia isn't a strong map of mine, however here are my thoughts.
-u only need 1 side of water on ana. i mean, it was good that you won both sides, of course.... but going land so late almost cost you the game via goldstarve. so i think u either needed to a) go heroic a bit later with a stronger land army (to use to secure gold) or b) go land after you win the 1 side of water and focus on that, you can still fight the other side of water a bit, but the focus is not getting gold starved.
-it seems to me you just need to focus on specifics. there are times when you could easily save a ship here, or micro better here, or save an elephant here or there or retreat earlier or this or that usw.
- spend eco quicker, particularly on mil ups. at one point your mil was really weak and i noticed you had some spare stuff thta you could be spending it on.
-your BO could've been better. u only need 4 on food to sustain vil production + i would've built my starting dock further down a smidgen for more efficient fishing plus shorter sail time for your ships going to the battlefield.

watering hole:
lol k so you should've had the game won at like ten mins or under..... you advanced 1:30 faster than him -_-..... I didn't pay attention to your scouting to see if you advanced so fast with a purpose (purpose: to gold starve him since he had forward gold).... but dude you should have had him gold starved soooooooooooo hard.
-you needed another archery range early on for more military production and also tox are really important in a situation like this.
-you were so close to kicking him off that forward mine..... but you didn't keep the pressure up. So you should've kept the pressure up on that mine, which would've been MUCH easier with 1 or 2 more military buildings. i mean... it's water hole, your eco should be completely fine to support that lol. if it's not then you have macro issues xD

i dont need to say anything after this.... the above things were your crucial mistakes. further and further into the game you just kept suiciding your army, basically.... it was a cmopletely waste of resources and got you way behind lol. i'll say a few things just because they were really obvious.
-UW use, imo was bad.... yes you ended up killing those wood villagers... but idk, i was not a fan of that move. personal opinion maybe...idk.
-when u went mythic, u shouldn't gone lightning which would've saved your tc from going down if you used it right away. then you would've been able to take down that other tc (exactly like u did) and maybe go 4v2.

this game was really scrappy..... not in a good way lol

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any kind of tips appreciated here as well
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